“Inominável” (2022)
In 2013, great political tension took over Brazil. Five years later, the effects of this crisis culminated in the rise of the far right, with the invisible help of the Fake News machine. The four years of Jair Bolsonaro's government were devastating for the country's economy, marked by the destruction of the environment, the return to the World Hunger Map, science denial resulting in the death of almost 700.000 people, the unrestricted release of firearms and the largest corruption scheme in Brazil's history. Four years in which lying was the daily life of an entire country. Four years that cannot be forgotten.
Direction and illustrations: Laurindo Feliciano
Screenplay: Laurindo Feliciano and Thiago Dantas
Animation: Thiago Dantas and Kuma Nosari mogen.tv
Produced by : Andrés Benedykt, Marcelo Nucci, Sebastian Bednarik, Joaquim Castro, Andrés Varela and Cesar Charlone
Art asistent: Arieli Omoto
Song: “Hino” ao Inominável   
Production and Musical direction: Xuxa Levy
Production and art direction: Carlos Rennó
Art and music collaborators: Pedro Luís and Chico Brown
Singer: Wagner Moura
Music edition: Alê Siqueira
Sound Design: Krishna Della Valle

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