The meaning of cricket

"I love cricket. A couple of my friends do. The rest of the them don’t understand it. In fact, 90% of the people I know don’t care about it, either groan, or roll their eyes at the mere mention of it. Naturally, when given the task of designing this cover, I chose to commission a Brazilian illustrator who lives in France and had no knowledge of the game. And what a result! Laurindo Feliciano’s brilliantly surreal work seemed perfect for capturing the oddities of this seemingly complex game – at once anachronistic, playful and bemusing… The author described it as ‘being like a classic prog album cover – superb!‘And the best thing, is that I think I’ve converted Laurindo… we’ll be discussing the finer points of the ‘lbw rule’ in no time…Maybe this lovely book will convert you too.” Matthew Broughton, Vintage Books Book cover for "The Meaning of Cricket" by Jon Hotten Penguin Vintage / UK


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